In the reserve game, history was made by Nico Amity of Holy Cross High School by scoring the first goal for electric city shock, and another was netted by Colby Ghers of Wilkes Uiversity in the second half. Unfortunately my reserve team lost their match against “Porto” of the Spanish league 3-2, due to the fact that they had several of my first team players play for them.

In the second game, we came out strong against a very large, and experienced Junior Lone Star Fc, going down 1-0 with 30 seconds left in the first half. Then, about a third of the way through the second half, Mike Turner of Wilkes University scored on a through ball played by Brandon Jackson of Valley View high school/Susquehanna University. Soon after this however, JRLSFC netted their second goal. Towards the final minutes of the second half, a small mistake happened in our opponents back line resulting in an own goal last touched by our goalkeeper Steven Rerick of Crestwood High School. However, shortly after that due to tired legs, JRLSFC snuck one in on us with just minutes left, finishing out regulation 3-2.

So after only two training sessions together, the coaching staff and myself are very please with what we saw, even though we lost both games. The team played a total of 180 minutes, 90 and another 90 right after, and played very, very well against a team that’s been together all winter up until now.

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